Dear Friends:

What a year we have had! 

What began in the spring of 2020 continued through this year. 

It is a year we will remember as one still filled with uncertainty and challenges. But it is also a time we will remember as one where we - SCBMA leadership, staff and residents - learned so much! 

We learned we can successfully adapt to changes and challenges. We learned to make ministry happen even when we were out of our comfort zone. We learned that the world, when squeezed by the fear of a pandemic, needs Christ more than ever. 

We also learned that many of our supporters continued to step up and help us financially. We had new ones join us, too. For all of you we are so grateful. But, it’s still not enough. Over 30% of our residents need some form of financial assistance each month to continue to live with us. 

That is why, today as 2021 comes to a close, we are asking you to make a gift to SCBMA! A $500 gift will help make an immediate impact on the life of someone at one of our communities. You can designate your gift to either Bethea or Martha Franks or you can let us decide where we need it the most.

Either way, our trustees, leadership, support staff and our residents join us in thanking you for your generous partnership and support year after year.


Thomas P. Turner, III
President & CEO 
Miriam Hutto, Chair
Board of Trustees
The true meaning of life is to plant trees under whose shade you do not expect to sit. 
- Nelson Henderson
  • Did you know 30% of the residents who live with us need some form of financial assistance for living expenses each month?
  • We simply will not ask anyone to leave their home because they no longer have enough money to live with us.
  • Giving also connects us to others, creating stronger communities and helping to build a happier society for everyone.  That’s something we all need right now!

Helping others is not only good for them, it makes us happier and healthier too.

For additional information on
how you can help, please contact:
Annie Eveleigh
Director of Advancement
803-227-6058 | ake@scbma.com

Hebrews 13:16 (CSB) says, “Don’t neglect to do what is good and to share, for God is pleased with such sacrifices.”  As a Christ follower we are called to help those who are in need. I support the SCBMA because of their strong commitment to help the sweet saints that are entering the golden years of life.”

Please consider a gift today