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Mother's Day Offering: The Gift of Home

Rev. Henry Rogers

SCBMA believes in honoring the Biblical command to care for and honor our senior adults. Funds received through the Mother's Day Offering are used exclusively for providing lifelong housing and care for qualified retired pastors, missionaries, and their spouses who have faithfully served the Lord and have exhausted all funds for basic living expenses in retirement. God has used the generosity of His people to allow these senior adults to remain in our communities and receive the care that they need. Please prayerfully consider continuing this legacy through your gift.

Your gift will provide housing and care in our retirement communities for qualified retired missionaries, pastors and their spouses who obediently served the Lord and now need your help.

Pastors like Reverend Henry Rogers. He moved to Martha Franks 10 years ago, lonely and miserable the previous two years after his wife passed away. Henry had been a pastor for 44 years in SC, much of that time in nearby Gray Court. He and his churches had always supported Martha Franks but he never expected to be able to afford to live there.

Like about 28% of the residents who live on our two campuses, Henry needs some financial assistance each month to continue to live at Martha Franks. He says he is forever grateful to the supporters of the Mother’s Day Scholarship Program for giving him the chance to live and thrive at Martha Franks.

And he has thrived. Since joining the Martha Franks family, Henry has not stopped serving the Lord. He serves as the chaplain when needed, volunteers with the Billy Graham Call Center, leads a communion service in the Assisted Living wing, and teaches a Sunday School Class at his church.

Mother's Day Offering Facts

  • Our Mother's Day Offering has provided $697,825 in financial assistance to retired pastors and missionaries, allowing them to continue to live with us.
  • Last year, 10 recipients received $91,296 in funds.
  • We normally raise around $100,000 each year during the annual Mother's Day Offering campaign. Because of the pandemic outbreak a couple of months before last year's campaign, we did not have one but with faithful support from our donors and churches, we raised $45,000.